Wood Conservatories

Why a Wood Conservatory?

Conservatory CAD Drawing

A well designed wooden conservatory or orangery, will add charm and character to your home. Many features can be included to the frames of the conservatory such as dentil moulding, raised and felded panels, hand carved features and cornice.

With all wood conservatories personal touches can be added, personalising each room to the clients tastes and the property.

Wood is also the only major conservatory and orangery material that is renewable. Forests grow covering about one third of the worlds surface. They provide a giant sustainable source of environmentally friendly raw material - for a large range of products!

Using wood does not cause global warming, as wood does not require energy intensive processing, it is also not problematic to dispose of unlike upvc.

With the process of felling of old tress and replacement with new, helps the environment, as new young trees use more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen

Wood conservatories and wood orangeries manufactured from the finest wood